Our Committee

Here at Manchester Bees Dodgeball Club, we pride ourselves on having a large, passionate and knowledgable base of committee members helping the club run each day. Find out below more about our executive committee and what each sub committee does!

If you're interested in getting involved on our committee, or just want to come and say hi, please feel free to contact us via our Welcome page

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee are the driving force behind making our club as open and accessible to as many people as possible. Each is responsible for one of the varied aspects of our club and vital to the success of it.

Chair - Aden Woodall

Our Chair leads a team of great committee members to make the club as welcoming as possible and get lots of new people involved in the sport of Dodgeball

Treasurer - Zac Baker

Our Treasurer looks after all of the financial aspects of the club: arranging payments from members, paying our hall rental, end of year finances etc

Membership Officer - Alice Warburton

Our Membership Officer is the first point of contact for anyone looking to join our club, along with looking after our members throughout the season

Safeguarding Lead - ❓

The welfare of all attendees and members is of vital importance to our club. Our safeguarding lead makes sure any concerns are dealt with confidentially and in line with our policies

Head Coach - ❓

Our Head Coach organises full sessions each week, and acts as a focal point for coaches, acting as a role model for team selection and coaching practice.

Club Manager - Adam Badley

Our Club Manager ensures that teams are entered into competitions and organises tournament logistics, check player’s availability for tournaments and report these to individuals involved in team selection, and record players of the day and team positions after each competition.

Marketing Lead - Lauren Conaty

The Marketing Lead creates the Marketing Action Plan, communicates the Bees’ activities using social media, and organises the creation of visual media content to advertise the club e.g. promotional videos

Development Officer - Ross McGuigan

It is the role of the Development Officer to: Locate potential partners and potential sources of funding, buy promotional materials for the club, and organise large-scale corporate events, promotional/community events

Social Lead - Rebecca Conaty

Our Social Lead facilitates, arranges and organises a variety of socials for all club members to enjoy, including gender-specific socials, end-of-year events, and regular whole-club fun activities!

Sub Committees

Our Sub Committee members help us run each aspect of the club and help keep us running - be it looking after our equipment, posting on our socials, or organising our events - each of the members below are integral to allowing everyone to enjoy the sport. Each sub committee reports into someone from the exec committee, who are ultimately responsible for their corresponding area of the club.

If you see a ❓ below that means we're looking for someone to help out in that roll - if you're interested, let us know!

Across All Teams

Lead: Aden Woodall

Team Members:

  1. Chair – Aden Woodall
  2. Safeguarding Lead – ❓
  3. Membership Officer – Alice Warburton



Team Members:

  1. Men’s Head Coach
  2. Women’s Head Coach
  3. Club Coaches
  4. Academy Coaches


Lead: Ross McGuigan

Team Members:

  1. Development Officer – Ross McGuigan
  2. Footage Coordinator – Matt Wiehl
  3. Events Manager – ❓
  4. Charities Officer – George Sanderson

Finance Force

Lead: Zac Baker

Team Members:

  1. Treasurer – Zac Baker
  2. Website Manager – Zac Baker


Lead: Adam Badley

Team Members:

  1. Club Manager – Adam Badley
  2. Team Managers
  3. Kit Manager – ❓
  4. Equipment Officers – Adam Badley, Zoe Wells


Lead: Lauren Conaty

Team Members:

  1. Marketing Lead – Lauren Conaty
  2. Marketing Officer – Darrell Turner


Lead: Rebecca Conaty

Team Members:

  1. Social Lead – Rebecca Conaty
  2. Social Assistant – ❓

Volunteer Benefits

We thank and reward all the wonderful volunteers of the club for their hard work and dedication in a number of ways:

  • Exec committee members can sometimes spend upwards of 4 hours a week attending to the various needs and requirements
    of the club to help keep us running and operating in a smooth and efficient manner. As such, they are credited for sessions and tournaments etc, so they can enjoy the fruits of their labours at a discounted rate.
  • Other committee members will be remunerated at varying rates depending on their performance
  • Named team coaches will receive a free session when coaching, and will be exempt from team selection
  • Academy coaches will receive remuneration for their time and efforts with our juniors
  • All volunteers get added to our quarterly volunteer thanks, where the number of hours volunteered is proportional to their chance to win some Bees’ gear or free sessions.
  • Discounted or free training and professional development, depending on the needs of the roll.

If you're interested in seeing some of these benefits for yourself, come get involved by trying out for one of the above missing committee gaps, or volunteer at our various academy/community events!

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