The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of the Beverz Rating 

The Who?

Hi, I am Alex Bembridge. I started playing dodgeball at the University of Nottingham in 2011. I had a short stint at Leeds Dodge before settling down in Manchester with the Bees. I have represented England and Great Britain in my time with my sights set on Edmonton and the World Championships. I am an Engineer, so I have a background in Maths and combining those two things gets me the Beverz Rating

The What?

The Beverz Rating gives every team in the UK a rating, which currently range from 844 to 1585 in the men’s (the largest range of any category). Using a mathematical formula, you can compare the two ratings of any team and it will give you a probability of winning a set of dodgeball. 

Rating DifferenceChance of higher team winning
Best v worst in Men’s dodgeball98.6%

The Where?

Ermmmm, my house..? Oh right! It covers England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. I also keep track of University, Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed dodgeball. Foam is currently included in the Men’s as there isn’t too much going on. When foam grows in the UK, It can easily be removed from the system and separated out into its own catergory.

The When?

The earliest information I could find was the 2020 season which was cut short due to Covid. Since then I have recorded every event that I have been able to get my hands on – a total of 70 events!

The How?

How is the Beverz Rating going? Amazingly! It’s great to hear people have been interested in the previous articles I have typed up. Knowing that there are that many people reading what I write and that are interested in dodgeball is phenomenonal. The interest is then backed up with so many people talking about some of the Beverz Rating predictions. I am sorry Norwich, but I had 4 separate people come up to me and say that I was right when I predicted Rhondda Dragons to beat Norwich Nighthawks even though the rating system said otherwise. 

How about the accuracy of The Beverz Rating? I did type an article for House of Dodge reflecting the accuracy of this season earlier. Since the article, it’s only got better! The average error across meet 7 has been less than 15%. This is inclusive of Women’s Super League, despite this league being notably unpredictable (Women’s Super League was actually the most accurate in meet 7!). I even nailed the recent, perhaps league defining, Spartans v Meteors match 13-11.


I developed this system after two tournaments demonstrated a big problem in the dodgeball community, which led me to question “Wouldn’t a rating system help develop the British dodgeball community”?. The thought-provoking open for me was the Northwest Open 2021. Manchester Soldier Bees (3rds) were put into a group of Leamington Spartans, Killer Bees (1sts) and Nottingham Sheriffs, i.e. a group of Super League teams, plus one team predominantly made up of new players. In the other group was Derby Phantoms, Carmarthen Wizards, London Knights and Manchester Worker Bees (2nds), i.e. a group with no Super League teams. I originally thought this was a seeding issue, so a rating system could divide these teams up,  allocating them evenly to groups. As I thought about it more, I realised: wouldn’t it be better for development, and more fun, if Soldier Bees played more matches against teams at their own level? This thought started snowballing and eventually I realised that an accurate ranking system could open a lot of opportunities for the British Dodgeball Community. First you can set tournaments for teams that have a similar ranking encouraging competition and entertaining dodgeball to play. Then as teams’ ratings improve, they can then qualify for better tournaments and eventually into National League. It means in every match that is played, every set matters. 

This did lead me down the rabbit whole though… I started thinking about a tournament where each team starts with a handicap based on their rating. Probably wouldn’t work, but worth thinking about. I think it would be quite fun.

Finally as you have made it to the end of the article how about a bit of a teaser for a future house of dodge article:

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