Getting into the ’mix’ of things!

Bees had the very exciting opportunity to send two teams to the Mixed Open in Burton back in Feb we were very excited to have one our bees, Sam Mills, debut for the Honey-Workers for the very first time. It is brilliant for us to see more players getting involved in dodgeball, representing the team and having the confidence to go out and play.

We thought we would catch up with Sam and ask him a few questions about his day and find out what he really thought about the day.

When you were announced to play, what did you think the day would be like?

I thought the day would be composed of a few matches where we have a friendly game of dodgeball with other like-minded people!

What was it like representing the bees for the first time? Was there anything that surprised you?

Representing bees was very nerve racking as I wanted to make a good impression on my debut and make sure I was doing everything I could for my team.

I was surprised about how fun and light-hearted it was with the other teams, and the support I had form my teammates even when I wasn’t performing the best.

How did you feel you did? Were there any moments that really stood out?

I feel like I stood my ground a lot and tried my best and supported my team where I could! I think the moment that stood out to me was when I got out immediately on my first game and went over the line, no one was mad at me and no one talked down to me, they just laughed it off and made me feel so welcome and supported that I didn’t matter if I made that mistake!

What did you enjoy the most about being a part of the team?

I enjoyed the team spirit, people just cheering each other on and making sure no one felt left out or bad about any decisions.

Is there anything you learnt or took from playing that day?

I think the main take away is learning your team and listening to the calls to make sure you know what’s going on and when and knowing that they understand the best for you in those situations!

Do you have any advice about those that want to join or consider putting their name forward to play?

I would say just go for it! Put your name in and you’ll have the whole support of the club talking you through everything, so it really isn’t as unnerving as you think! Everyone on the other teams is nice too, so people are just wanting to have a bit of fun!

What was your favorite part of the day?

My favourite pet of the day was probably our last game where we played the other Manchester Bees club where we had practiced the whole day playing with other teams and finally found our footing and managed to work together to stand our ground and just have a bit of a laugh!!

You were named MVBee, what was that like?

I was very honoured to be given MVP and it was very unexpected, but I’m so pleased that even though I thought I made a few mistakes, my teammates thought I was still worthy of being in the team.

Finally, would you ever represent the bees in the future?

I would definitely consider representing the bees in the future as it’s a great day out putting all your skills into practice, and everyone just has fun with it!

Thanks for reading!

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