League – Meet 8 – All’s fair in Dodgeball matches

Game day. Excitement in the air…The penultimate meet before everything’s settled. How would the Bees fare?

The Killer Bees were first up, facing off against Storm 2. With the Bees missing a key player in Aden Woodall, all the men had to step up and play well. Storm unfortunately were down in numbers, meaning the women had to step up and help out (Yes ladies!). Bees managed to secure a win with a score of 26-2.
Killers next took on Storm 1. The lads really wanted to the win and came out fighting. The score was close all the way through, Bevvers managing to games around and secure set wins, despite being the last player in. Killers managed to hold the score and eventually win with a close score of 13-11!

Worker Bees, displaying some talent on the team went into their first game against Derby Phantoms ready. With the opposition close to them in the table, meant this match was going to be close. Derby managed to get a foothold in the first half making one ball catches, however the Workers drew back the score in the second half, but eventually loosing with a score of 14-10.
After the close loss to Derby, the day ended well for the the Workers, with a victory over former league leaders, Leeds Dodge.
The game has been likened to Henry VII’s victory over the Yorkies at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Except if Henry decided to send his second-string army,
Workers did actually managed a win with a score of 13-9.

The Queen Bees first match was against Storm 2, a team with good players that you should never underestimate. The Queens played well as a unit, making sure that they were playing with aggression, winning with a score of 16-6.
Playing one Storm team was never enough, so on to playing Storm 1. The match started slightly subdued, but the Queens started to get into the swing of things by the end of the first half and start of the second. The Queens picked up the energy and managed to get a final score of 9-13.

Honey Bees performing well in recent league meets, faced off against up and coming Valkyries. The ladies played well but they were up against a tough team, managing to end the match with a loss of 20-4.
Next opponents were Storm 2. The Honeys playing well in the first half, with good countering and catches, however they let it slip a little in the second half and Storm 2 took advantage. The Honeys still managed a win of 14-10.

Solider Bees have had a up and down season, but looked to improve in the last few meets. First up they were against MK Cyclones 2. The Soldiers took an aggressive stance and really played well, ending with a win of 18-8. Next they were against Coventry Silverbacks, top of the table and yet to have a loss. The Soldiers played as best they could against a great team, ending with a loss of 20-2.

The next time on Bees Blog we will be updating you with the final table results, so wish the Bees luck at meet 9!

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