League – Meet 7 – A day of two halves

The weather seemed to match most of the Bees moods this early Morning. Bleak and somewhat grey. It’s been a long season and we’re nearly at the finishing line. How will the Bees fair at this meet?

The second round of the very well coined ‘Der-Bee’ see’s the Honey Bees take on the Queen Bees, who took the first round.
Honey Bees re-focused and with a solid team wanting to get the win, came out strongly from the first whistle. Queen Bees also started off strong, winning the first two games and going 4-0 up. Honey Bees managing to get some good hits meant they drew the games to 4 all. At the half time whistle, Queens were up 7-5, everything still to play for in a very close match. With about 5 minutes left, the score was drawn at 9 all, due to the various hits and catches from both sides. Once again, the scores drawn at 11 all it was so close the match could go either way, both team deserved winners. It all boiled down to the last game, some catches by Honeys meant they went on to win 13-11.

After the match against Honeys, some Queens Bees heads hung a little low, but after a group discussion the ladies decided to move it to the back of their minds and take on their next opponents, Bedford Rangers. After somewhat of a shakey start the Bees got re-focused and energized, playing better they went on to win the match comfortably at 14-8.

The Honey Bees hot off a win went on to play top of the table, Bedford Eagles. The Honeys had nothing to loose and you can see they were relaxed, playing well with Cath Payne making so many catches against Country representatives on Beagles team. Quite a comedy match I think we’ll all agree ended a win to Bedford 25-5.

Killer Bees took on some tough opponents in Lutterworth Meteors at this meet. After some fast paced action the men playing well and keeping the score close, ended the first half 5-7 to Meteors. The fierce rivals they are, Meteors manages to stretch their lead out to 11-5. With ten minutes left on the clock what could the Killers achieve. The answer would be a loss of 17-9, but heads couldn’t hang too low for some great play was displayed on court.
Killers next game was against Bedford Rangers. After a slightly less than par beginning to the match, the Bees rallied and went on to win comfortably 16-8.

Workers first match was against top the table Wessex Wolves. This would be a tough ask for the Workers, but with a good team in place they had a shot! Workers played valiantly, making some great attacks. Unfortunately they were just edged out of a win with a score of 10-12 to Wolves.
Next up the Bees faced off against Thunderdodge. A team that Bees took on and won with ease, the match ending at 15-9 to Workers.

Another rest week for Soldiers meant they would be practicing at training sessions ready for league meet 8!

Mixed League results were as follows:
Bees A VS Leeds Dodge – 24 – 4
Bees A VS Derby Phantoms 2nds – 32 – 0
Bees B VS Spartans – 6 – 26
Bees B VS Derby Phantoms 1sts – 8 – 20

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