League – Meet 6 – The journey continues

With a few weeks between meet 5 and 6, Bees had a solid amount of training in preparation. Some potentially difficult matches to navigate meant that all Bees teams worked on specific tactics.

With a horrendous wake-up time, some could even say illegal for a Saturday morning, the Bees swarmed and made their way down to Burton-upon-Trent to St Georges Park.

Honey Bees day was not off to a good start with already being one player down. They went into their first match against Nottingham Sheriffs with 6 players. With no subs they hoped for a good performance. In the first run off, player Kate Wood injured herself and could not take part any further, meaning the Honeys were down to 5 players. With such bad luck, the Honeys struggled to get composed in the match, ending with a loss of 0-20 to Sheriffs.
Their next match after a wait was against the second to top team in the table, London Storm 1. Determined to do better, the Honeys rallied with a phenomenal performance by Cath Payne (player of the day!), who made many catches against the strong throws from Storm. The Honeys lost with a score of 21-1 but there was brilliant play, no doubt.

Queen Bees first faced off against Leeds Dodge, an unpredictable team therefore the Queens needed to keep their heads and play well. With 3 ex-Leeds players on court the Bees had somewhat of an advantage. Queens played solidly as a unit, making accurate hits all day long. Catches from 3 ball attacks by Fay Woodall saw the team take a great win of 22-4.
After a short period of time off the Bees took to the court again to play Wessex Wolves. In all fairness the Wolves had massively improved last time the Queens played them, however with some great catches and hits by player of the day Amanda King, the Bees won 22-6.

Killer Bees had what looked like quite a tough day on the cards, firstly facing off against Leamington Spartans. Spartans always competitive put up a fight but the Killers decided not to play nice and took control, winning 17-13. A fantastic result for the men! Player of the day for the Killers Bees was Liam Ryder.
Killers next game was against Minotaurs, who had finally got back to full strength after missing some key players over the last couple of meets. The Bees unfortunately did not take their winning ways into the match, losing by a close score of 14-10.

Solider Bees were back in action at this meeting after having the last meet off. Keen to be competitive the Soldiers fielded a strong team, but with some tough matches ahead anything could happen…First up was Storm 3. As predicted the match was tough but close, unfortunately the Soldiers lost 8-14.
Their second match was against Virtue Empire. An aggressive team who managed to keep the Soldiers at bay. Even with some strong hits by Adam Hameed and Adam Badley. Congratulations to Zac Baker who won player of the day!

The Workers Bees have had some up and down scores of recent and really wanted to pave the way of winning times. First up for Workers was Sheriffs 2, the game was fast paced however the Bees managed to get ahead in the match, ending with a win of 17-9!
Hopeful to carry on the winning streak, the Bees went into their last match against Minotaurs 2 full of confidence. With a strong team the Bees clearly took advantage, winning with a strong score of 22-2. The Workers player of the day was Matt Whiel.

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