League – Meet 5 – Hit the ground running

Another Saturday, another trip down to St Georges Park.
The Bees having had a good few weeks of training under their belts, hoped they could hit the ground running as they headed into League meet 5.

With the Solider Bees not having to play this week, the Queens and Honeys Bees made their way down to the early morning session, accompanied by coaches Rob and Aden.

First to play in the morning was the Queen Bees. They were up against E.A Valkyries, having previously beaten them in the first league meet, it was under no question that the Valkyries would be playing to win. The match itself was very close indeed, which meant that frustrations flared at times.
The Bees re-gained their composure and with the likes of Amanda King making some excellent catches and some great hits from Sian Ellis and Cesca McCarthy, the match ended with a draw of 12-12.
Second up for the Queens was Wessex Wolves. Having played well against them at the British Open in early January, the Queens felt comfortable going into the match. As predicted, the game went as expected and the Queens ended up with a win of 22-6. Player of the day was Emily Walker!

The Honeys finally got on court after getting to the venue about 2 hours beforehand (not bitter at all about losing precious sleep). First up was a big game and one that the Honey’s really wanted to win. It was against Bedford Rangers who currently sat 3 places above Honeys in the table. Extra focus in training and footage reviews meant that the ladies went in feeling optimistic. Some great counters by Suzanne Vickers in the first half really changed the game around. The match itself was close with games being won by each side. The second half was more of the same. Vic Hind making some outstanding catches and turning some crucial games around. The overall score was a win of 12-10! A great result i’m sure you’ll agree and player of the day for Honeys was Vic Hind.
Their second match of the day was against the very tough London Storm 1’s. Unfortunately the Honeys were unable to get a foot hold in the match, but even so, some star quality shone through with multiple catches being made by Imy Young and good countering by Liv Davis. The score ended at 21-1.

Worker Bees were up against MDL Raptors. The team fielded strong individuals and it showed in their first game, the Workers ending up winning comfortably with a score of 20-6.
The Worker Bees second match was against Minotaurs 2nds. This game was a completely different tale to that of the Workers 1st match. Close games and a close score throughout, the Workers unfortunately lost 10-14. The stand out man for the day was Mike Bailey, congrats!

The Killers first match was against E.A Vikings. The Bees first team were missing some key players including that of Alex Jones, Dave Prestage, Alex Bembridge and Matt Weihl. With this in mind, the first half was closely fought with some key hits from Aden Woodall keeping the team close in terms of score. The second half sadly started slipping away with a few errors by the Bees, the match ending
10-16 to Vikings.
Killers next match was against Minotaurs, a strong team in their own right. The Bees re-gathered and came back with a vengeance. Each player doing their part to make sure the Bees came away with a win of 17-9.
The Killers player of the day was Ross McGuigan.

In mixed league the results were as follows:
Bees A Vs. London Storm 2 – 11-23
Bees A Vs. Bedford Eagles – 20-8
Bees B Vs. London Storm – 12-16
Bees B Vs. Bedford Rangers 19-13

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